Give online.

We encourage giving as an act of worship


Why give?


  •  It focuses our hearts on our true treasure which is Christ (Matthew 6:21)
  • It is an acknowledgement that God is the owner of everything.
  • It turns our focus from the idolatry of money to serving God (Luke 16:11-13)
  • It is an expression of our love for God and our devotion to Him.
  • It is born out of our free response to all He has done for us, not out of guilt or duty.


One time gift.

Monthly gift.

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Be a Part of Making a Change

We’ve been changing lives for over 60 years, and we can’t do it without the generosity of God’s people. Whether it’s maintaining the facilities we use to serve our community, preparing for outreach programs, or contributing to the support of our leadership team, we depend on the generous support of our friends and family.  That’s the way God intended his church to work – carrying their burdens together.  Would you consider carrying our burdens together with us, as we serve you and your community?

Why Give Online?

In a word – because it’s easy. Whether you’re giving one time, or setting up a monthly contribution, we’ve built a system that facilitates a simple and seamless transaction so that you can continue to joyfully give as a response to God’s gracious provision.