About Our Church

God loves us as we are and then God challenges us to become all that He created us to be.  Central is not only a place to belong, but a place to become. To become. We can’t do that by ourselves because it’s hard and difficult work. It’s more rewarding when we do it together, as a part of community.

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Our Mission & Vision

Everyone really does belong!

The word “belong” is defined by the dictionary as “to fit into a group naturally.”  We all know the great feeling that comes from belonging to something we wish to be a part of.  Belonging means experiencing acceptance.  We are all a little broken, but we believe that God cares about bringing our rough lives together and that God can still form something beautiful  with us as His light shines through us.  At Central, we are accepted for who we are by others…we belong.

When it comes to churches, belonging can be more difficult than one might think.  While larger churches offer many great programs and activities, some remark they feel like “another number” when attending with such a big crowd.  Often times, they may never be able to meet or speak personally with the pastor or other church leadership.

In smaller churches, belonging can be just as challenging.  While personal access to the pastor and leadership is readily available, other pitfalls can interfere with belonging.  Perhaps the church has just a few “power” people who “run” everything or maybe the church so strictly holds beliefs, there is no room for other points of view. 

“At Central, what you see is what you get.  And hopefully, some of what you get is something worthwhile!” says Brett Ballard, the senior minister at Central.  “The ability to show up at church ‘as you are’ is very important.  Unfortunately, most people don’t feel comfortable in church because of the way they have been treated or judged by a church in the past.  Our knack for helping people feel welcome and that they belong is our greatest strength at Central.

Worship at Central

A chance to catch your breath, quiet your mind, open your heart to the Holy Spirit, and share in gratitude and praise with God.

Worship occurs when people gather to focus their thoughts on God and then experience God’s presence – together.

There are many different ways to worship, styles of worship and places to worship.

At Central, we offer a truly blended worship experience, each Sunday at 11 a.m.  You may sit next to a rich, poor, young or old person.  You may sing along with a piano and organ or guitars and electronic drums.  You may pick up a hymnal to sing with all of your might, read the words from the PowerPoint presentation screen or sit quietly and focus on God. 

It’s all OK and it’s all worship!

Our worship services always include music, a brief message from our pastor and the sharing of communion, or the Lord’s Supper, around the table.  Most services last about an hour and we always have trained childcare available for your small children. 




Central Christian Church has celebrated over 60 years of God’s faithfulness.  Established in 1955 and originally meeting at Weatherly Hall of Texas Christian University, a small group of committed church planters began to imagine a “new” Christian Church in Fort Worth. Growing quickly, Central Christian Church purchased and constructed our current chapel in 1958, with an average weekly attendance of over 500.  

Our History

Community Centered

Located in the heart of Fort Worth’s cultural district, Central has remained richly involved in community outreach and civic service.  Decades of vibrant men’s, women’s, youth and college ministries have facilitated community outreach initiatives throughout Fort Worth. 

Our church has enjoyed sixty years of growth, revival, and vibrancy.  Seasons of extraordinary movements of fellowship, encouragement, and community engagement.  Every decade has enjoyed unique and exciting expressions of God’s faithfulness to see his people restored and flourishing.

Vibrant Growth

A Fresh Movement

The Christian Arts Museum has facilitated a fresh movement in the Arts District of Fort Worth. It is a beautiful and valuable tool in our outreach to the Cultural District and the West 7th Street Corridor.

We are the “house of hope” for those in our community. Remember, the promise for any individual or church is echoed by the statement of the Apostle Paul to the first century church in Philippi, “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Who We Are -Today

“The empty tomb is the proof that Jesus conquered death and sin forever. Not only does an empty grave declare victory, it holds a promise. The promise of real, physical, abundant eternal life to all who repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their savior.

– Pastor Trey Holmes

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

Gospel-centered belonging in the heart of Fort Worth’s culture district.